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Guest CIT Program

Counselor In Training Program: Leadership Through Soccer


Footfire CITs grow in a well-rounded way, not only in soccer, but in terms of multi-generational social interaction, effective and appropriate communication, and problem resolution. Practical skills addressed include, but are not limited to, promptness, project follow-through, maintaining good health, physical awareness and balance, sound first aid practices, with an emphasis on appropriate conditioning and nutrition for athletic minds and bodies at various levels of experience. Footfire CITs complete the program with a sense of purpose founded on a connection to others and the satisfaction of having contributed meaningfully to something greater than themselves.

What to expect:

The Footfire CITs receive an introduction to the program, learning about procedures and expectations, and take part in brief daily Footfire CIT leadership instructional meetings. As the Footfire CITs progress through the various levels they learn skills and techniques applicable to maintaining a safe and effective soccer instruction envirionment. They also continue to receive a high level of individual coaching and evaluation, with time for teen/CIT scrimmages throughout the camp week. First and second level Footfire CITs accept small responsibilities around the camp, shadowing coaches and higher level Footfire CITs. Advanced level 3-4 Footfire CITs assume greater leadership roles, such as the planning, organization and execution of a soccer training session.

Footfire CIT Program and Beyond:

Many of our Footfire CIT graduates use the program experiences to receive school credit for Physical Education, Independent Study, or Internships. Many return to Footfire for a summer job and/or coach in other community settings.

The program is most successful when prospective Footfire CITs and his/her parents/guardians are in agreement about participation. We strongly urge you to review the guidelines together as you decide whether the Footfire CIT Program is a good fit.

General Requirements:

Level 1 & 2 Requirements:

Level 3 & 4 Requirements:

NEW! Level 4 & 5 (Junior Coach) Requirements:

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Payment Options:

Levels 1-4 CIT/GUEST CIT Program Registration HERE.

GRADUATE CITS: Graduates of the Footfire CIT program are welcome to reconnect with Footfire!

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