Soccer Reboot

Off-Field Training for On-Field Success.

Soccer Reboot is a 1-hr class for the youth soccer player. Players will be introduced to new concepts from within and beyond soccer to boost performance and minimize the chance of injury. The goal of Soccer Reboot is to play a better, smarter and safer soccer game. Soccer Reboot helps players take charge on and off the field.

FAQs: Soccer Rebootl w/Coach Carlos

Why off-field training? Why Soccer Reboot?

Youth soccer players are getting injured at an alarming rate, often requiring surgery and long recuperation periods. By being pro-active about injury prevention, the young athlete can better avoid these painful setbacks. Important steps toward preventing injury include education and training in recovery, strength, conditioning, flexibility, balance and learning to fall. There simply isn't time in soccer practice to cover this, whereas it is the area of Soccer Reboot's concentration. As the class is small, I will be able to evaluate each student and proceed with a training plan.

The benefits of strength and conditioning to on-field performance are obvious, but what is gained from recovery or flexibility?

Full-out soccer play must be balanced with a recovery plan, that is, to allow mind and body to completely refresh before the next session. My approach integrates exercise, stretching and breathing to not only facilitate recovery, but also lead the student to understand their body's' strengths and weakenesses. In the end, it's about psychological and physical balance - essential tools for success.

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