Footfire Soccer Camps

Soccer + Summer + Friends + Food = Footfire

We follow this formula each camp season to create soccer magic. Footfire is more than a soccer camp, Footfire is a unique summer experience organized around great soccer training with expert coaches. Play soccer, love soccer, live soccer at Footfire.

Footfire - the local soccer camp that puts fun first! Our unique skill-building exercises and games emphasize play over competition, conditioning as a path to minimizing injury, and in-play interaction as an opportunity for gaining social skills. Using soccer as the common language, Footfire aims to build a positive soccer culture through healthy training in its fullest sense.

Footfire - the family picnic where everyone loves soccer! For 21 years a remarkable community of soccer campers, counselors-in-training and staff have created the Footfire Soccer Camp experience. Like a sleepaway camp, many of our Footfire campers create friendships rekindled each year. Footfire traditions are in place: campers collect the annual T-shirt, exchange the Footfire friendship bracelet and anticipate water-play afternoons (when the counselors are fair game). The only difference: Footfire campers sleep well at home each night, returning in the morning to Footfire refreshed, inspired and ready to get on the field!