Footfire Soccer Camps

Soccer + Summer + Friends + Food = Footfire

We follow this formula each camp season to create soccer magic. Footfire is more than a soccer camp, Footfire is a unique summer experience organized around great soccer training with expert coaches. Play soccer, love soccer, live soccer at Footfire.

Footfire - the local soccer camp that puts fun first! Our unique skill-building exercises and games emphasize play over competition, conditioning as a path to minimizing injury, and in-play interaction as an opportunity for gaining social skills. Using soccer as the common language, Footfire aims to build a positive soccer culture through healthy training in its fullest sense.

Footfire - the family picnic where everyone loves soccer! For 21 years a remarkable community of soccer campers, counselors-in-training and staff have created the Footfire Soccer Camp experience. Like a sleepaway camp, many of our Footfire campers create friendships rekindled each year. Footfire traditions are in place: campers collect the annual T-shirt, exchange the Footfire friendship bracelet and anticipate water-play afternoons (when the counselors are fair game). The only difference: Footfire campers sleep well at home each night, returning in the morning to Footfire refreshed, inspired and ready to get on the field!



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Footfire 2015 - what campers and parents say

“Both of my boys loved your fantastic Camp this week !
They gave it a 5 outta 5 !!!
They made their bird seed bags right away:))
They'll be back for more fun and great food wk #3 !!!
Thank You so much!”

“We just finished the first week of Footfire and our daughter absolutely LOVED it! 
Thank you for everything you do, from the wonderful CITs, great soccer experiences, excellent art projects, great food, and more……Footfire Soccer Camp is awesome!” 

Footfire 2014

"This is K. and D.'s father. They were the eight-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl in your camp last week and week number two. I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. Your camp is unequivocally the most fun camp that either of them have ever been to. My daughter in particular has had a very difficult time getting into physical activity and two weeks of Footfire turned her into a fanatical footballer!"

"Thank you for the wonderful time L. had during his first week at Soccer Camp. Every morning he talked about his day at camp and how much fun he had. As a result, I have learned that he seems to be learning to play better in a group setting. He has tried different foods which he would not try out at home and I was surprised that he liked some of them. He had only good things to say about the staff and campers. I think he even made a few friends. I also heard about how Coach Carlos praised him for kicking a ball well. (He was very happy about that.) L. really wants to learn to play soccer, but now has learned that it will take time and lots of practice to do so. It is not always easy for him to experience new things and feel comfortable in new settings. Thank you for helping to make this soccer experience such a good one for him."

Footfire 2013

"The food was excellent. The camp was in a beautiful location and so well organized. I felt my daughter was well taken care of. Only bummer was no July 4th week! Next year we'll sign up for more weeks!"

"Both kids are doing other soccer camps this week, yesterday at pick-up I asked them both about their day and they reported it was fun. I intentionally asked, 'Was it more fun than Footfire?' They both said, 'Mooomm, are you kidding us? Of course not, nothing comes close to Footfire.' Thanks again for the great three weeks at Footfire."

"Thanks again for providing my son with such a great experience. On the last day he told me that he wished summer would never end and he could go to Footfire all the time."

"I'm finally writing this email to thank you for the wonderful camp. My son loved it! He was so happy everyday when I picked him up. He told me it was his favorite camp this summer - which is saying a lot because he really liked the Cal Baseball camp. He loved all the soccer games, the Art Table and the FOOD! I'm so happy that we found you! He will definitely be back next summer."