Ways to Play

Capoeira and Kung Fu builds skills for life! Our Capoeira and Kung Fu programs are direct paths to optimal physical achievement and mental ability in a positive social environment. We offer training options for Capoeira (kids and teens and adults) and Kung Fu (kids and teens) that support development of discipline and confidence through the elementary to high school years. Read more about what these amazing martial arts have to offer for kids and teens.

Soccer brings it all together! No wonder soccer is the world's most popular sport! Soccer calls for maximum fitness, sharp awareness and a heroic cooperative spirit. It also happens to be a blast! Kids can enroll in our Footfire Soccer Camp for kids and teens can opt to participate in our Footfire Soccer Camp CIT program. Play soccer, live soccer, love soccer!

Dance gives you extra everything! With dancing comes coordination, strength, flexibility, energy and even rhythm and style. While you are moving to the music and having fun, a complete system scrub continues in the background. At the finish of class, upgrade is complete: neurons rewired, attitude refreshed, stress is in the trash. Get moving with a dance class today!

Fitness is for everybody and every body! Call to find out how you can benefit from personal training , 510-528-2133.

Music changes your perspective about yourself and the world! It challenges the intellect, triggers imagination and touches emotion.