Footfire Soccer Camp 2018

Dear Footfire Families: Enrollment is open as of January 17!

We have reached a positive agreement with the City of Berkeley Parks and Recreation Department regarding our Footfire location for Summer 2018. Footfire will offer its full 8-week season. We will kick off at Gilman East for 3 weeks in June, continue post-July 4th at home at Codornices, and move to Grove Park, South Berkeley, to close out the final 2 weeks in early August.

We want to thank you, our Footfire Families, for your support. Your letters and optimism buoyed us during this distressing process and, we believe, clarified the inherent value of Footfire's program to the City Representatives. Your outpouring of enthusiasm has had the impact of opening a clearer channel of communication between Footfire and City Parks and Rec. in regard to both of our needs, which, ultimately and ideally, overlap.

In the end, we had to consider how to accommodate three intersectional needs: those of our Footfire Families, the preservation of precious Berkeley park resources, and the long-term stability of the Footfire program.

Thus, it's a win-win resolution. Gilman East is more accessible to families who depend on major transportation routes and we feel up to the challenge of bringing the "Footfire Camp Fun" to this premier local soccer field. Grove Park solves a long-standing issue of reaching out to the South Berkeley/Oakland community; moreover it offers safe, easy parking, and new amenities. Plus, we still have Codornices, our beloved home, for 3 solid mid-summer weeks. We hope you also feel that this is a successful compromise that combines continuity, the possibility for outreach and growth, and the challenge of experimentation. Let us know how you feel!

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PLA Kids' Classes - Begin Jan. 12, 2018

Kids' Capoeira with Zensay: beginners, Fridays, 5 pm, and Saturdays, 11am; intermediate, Fridays, 6pm and Saturdays 10am Register ONLINE!.

Kids Kung Fu all level, Saturdays, 9am. Register ONLINE!

Request more information. See the schedule.

Playing Life Academy: Builds Community!

Playing Life Academy, home of Brincadeira Viva Academy and Footfire Soccer, located in West Berkeley, has sparked creativity, and fostered confidence through physical and musical arts programs for children, teens and adults for over 20 years.

Playing energizes, motivates and inspires. Playing engages you completely so that learning takes place without struggle. When you play you are plugged in to the healthy and productive best you – the playful you. You solve problems. You exceed expectations. You are confident. You can tell, and so can everyone else, because it's written all over your face in a big smile.

We invite you to share our unique Playing Life perspective: see yourself as we do – at your best!